Monday, May 19, 2008

Starting out rallying

Recently my brother purchased a new VW Golf GTi, and with the money from the sale of his 1997 VW Polo we're considering building a rally car and starting out competing in local rallies.

I've done a bit of research, and it looks like the Excel Rally Series is the entry to the sport in Australia. According to that site it costs $8-10k to build a car, and from what I gather the basics you need are:

  • A third generation Hyundai Excel (preferably the later ones, which were DOHC and more powerful than the earlier SOHC models).

  • Roll cage

  • Some sort of suspension changes

  • Rally tyres

  • A few spare rims for when you get a flat tyre

  • Race brake pads

  • Trailer for towing car to and from events

  • Fire extinguisher (not sure how serious the fire system needs to be)

  • Bonnet pins and tow hooks

  • Mud flaps

  • Clubman Rally license from CAMS

Anyway, as I figure more out I'll post it. If I actually get around to building this car then I'll post up a "cheat sheet" of what's needed, costs, and who I got mine from, so that the next person who is interested in getting started in rallying doesn't need to find out all this stuff from first principles.

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