Sunday, August 26, 2007

GTiR Pulsar conversions

At the moment we're selling my wife's 2000 Nissan Pulsar SSS. It's never been modified, and is listed on at the moment. So I was just looking through the other ads, and it's amazing how many "GTiR conversions" are for sale.

For those who don't know, there was an all wheel drive, turbocharged Japan-only model called the GTiR, of which there are quite a few here in Australia brought in as second hand imports from Japan. A friend of mine had one, and had it up for sale for around $14000.

Now, the SSS is worth about $10000 - $11000 unmodified, and is front wheel drive, and doesn't have a turbo. Now, these conversions; the GTiR engine must cost at least $4000 to put in, plus extra for the turbo and exhaust - why on earth wouldn't you just buy the real thing for the same price or less?

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