Sunday, July 15, 2007

Gran Tourismo 4

Going back about six months, Sony's Playstation 3 had yet more delays, and Microsoft had released the XBox 360. As a result, Sony reduced the PS2 to $186, and all but the absolute latest games to about $30. Seemed like good value - I'm not paying $600 for a console, and $100 per game.

So anyway, I went out and got myself a PS2, with a steering wheel (Logitech Driving Force - $150), with Gran Turismo 4, a few Rally games, and one or two others. Initially, I couldn't get into GT4 - it felt like MS Flight Simulator - modeled reality, but wasn't very interesting a game.

Anyway, more recently, I've started playing it again. I don't know what is different this time, but I've found out why people love this game. Sure, it's a great simulator, but you can choose your own way through the game. If you like American trucks, you can buy one of them and take on the Truck series. If you like turbocharged Japanese cars, buy one and take on that series.

And I realise - when GT5 is released in 2008, that's about the only thing that will make me want a PS3. But that means a new TV (to support High Definition), a new steering wheel (why can't I just use my PS2 one?), and a console, plus the game. Not sure that I'll bother - maybe I'll wait until PS4 is due, and the PS3 is $186.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Eclipse 3.3

We use a lot of open source Java software at work, and we seem to spend half our lives in Eclipse. Not only do we use Eclipse as our development environment, but we use their Java GUI widget set (SWT/JFace) for our user interface.

So it was a nice suprise to see that Eclipse 3.3 has finally been released. I've been using pre-release versions of the SWT/JFace destined for Eclipse 3.3 for months now in our product, and on the Mac platform (which is what I use as my desktop), as I found it to be more stable and layouts to be more compatible with Linux and Windows implementations.

So here's to the Eclipse people - good job guys, thanks a lot.